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Random Studio designed an interactive lounge space for fashion e-tailer Farfetch during Art Basel Miami, generating an individual digital experience for each user.

Key features
For high-end fashion e-tailer Farfetch’s Art Basel Miami exhibition, Random Studio designed an immersive phygital lounge. The interactive physical space generated an individualized digital experience for each unique visitor. A small area was surrounded with LED panel screens, which used camera detection technology to display crops of fashion images from Farfetch’s own database in colours corresponding to the visitor’s outfit. The collages were individually generated, eventually fading into an aura-like colourful image until the next visitor was detected by the camera. The mood of the space shifted based on the distinct style of each guest that enters it. A curving bench and a bar lined with stools provided Art Basel visitors with a place to relax.

FRAME’s take
In a world where our online environments are tailored to our individual tastes and preferences, personalization has become the norm. But this has been much more difficult to simulate in the static physical environment. Spatial interventions like the Random Studio-designed Farfetch lounge are challenging this notion by marrying the dynamic nature of the digital world with the immersive power of the physical one. The exhibition mirrors what the brand does online in real life by creating an experience premised around individual personal style. In the context of Art Basel Miami, the installation gives users autonomy and not only makes the art viewing experience interactive but also customized.

Designed by Random Studio


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