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VERTO is a 360-degree multi-directional air purification system. The name VERTO is derived from the word “turn”. The tower rotates as it rises and transforms the environment by turning polluted air into clean air.

More than 99% of people living in urban areas are exposed to air quality levels that exceed the WHO limits. Air pollution has become a serious health issue across the globe.

VERTO can clean 600,000 m3 of air per day, equivalent to an area twice the size of a cricket field with a height of 2 meters. The triangular perforations are designed as a performance-driven system, with bigger openings at inlets and outlets.

The air is sucked in from energy-efficient fans and then gets filtered using fine dust filters to remove the pollutants from the ambient air. An IOT control system enables the operation according to the demand. VERTO has been designed using the principles of aerodynamics, to create a form that propagates maximum surface area, increased wind speed, and 360-degree air purification.

Architects: Studio Symbiosis
Design & Execution: Studio Symbiosis Architects
Design Team: Britta Knobel Gupta, Amit Gupta
Photographs: Avesh Gaur


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