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Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel provides a hotel experience of “relaxation, pleasure, enjoyment, and ease” with a diverse range of functions including dining, fitness, swimming, chess, spa, and more. The nearly 7500-square-meter hotel is surrounded by nature and stands as a design that captures visitors’ attention. Located in Tengchong, Yunnan, the hotel’s architectural and interior lead designer, Zhang Can of CSD.DESIGN, incorporated local natural elements such as volcanic rocks and created a modern interpretation. The design showcases a dialogue between nature’s roughness and modern delicacy. Through the flow of time, new humanistic richness emerges.

Owner: Yuebo Banshan Hotel Management Company

Architectural and Interior Lead Designer: Zhang Can CSD.DESIGN

Architectural Design Team: Lei Ting, Bai Yuesheng

Interior Design Team: CSD.DESIGN Tang Ting, Zhou Xiaohui, Guo Yuting, Liu Wenjing, Deng Yu, Yang Yan, Tang Jun, Wang Liangfen, Mou Shasha

Design Management: CSD.DESIGN Zhang Li

Lighting Design Team: Ou Mo Lighting, Shangbao Lighting

Interior Soft Furnishing Design and Implementation: CSD.DESIGN Tang Jia, Wei Ai, Yuan Minghong, Zhu Weiwei

Main Furniture Supplier: Zhuo Mu ZHUOMU, Chongqing Bi Tu Bi Furniture Co., Ltd.

Bedding Manufacturer: Belgium’s century-old Royal bedding Nill Spring

VI and Guidance System Design: KUI design | Nan Jinming

Project Director: Zhou Xiaodong

Interior Construction Unit: Hangzhou Donggualiang Decoration

Landscape Construction Unit: Tengchong Xinwen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project Photography: Wang Ting

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