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2nd after 1st. Located in Chungmuro, it is a bar reminiscent of the modern Daegamma of Joseon (nobility of old). In the case of the 1st store, just as whiskey develops different flavors and colors during aging in an oak barrel, the bricks also differ depending on the material of the soil and how they are baked.

In the case of the 1st store, the focus was on finishing materials similar to whiskey, while the 2nd store focused on the background of the times. According to the locality of Chungmuro, it was intended to represent the house of the ‘Great Gamma’ in the Joseon Dynasty. In order to express the noble and elegant dignity and honesty of ‘The Great Gamma’, I brought the elegant curves of the roof tiles, the honest cornerstone supporting the building, the shape of traditional windows, the patterns of the bookshelves, and the taste.

The ceiling is made up of three large curves, and by enlarging the shape of the roof tile, I imagined drinking whiskey under a large roof. A traditional window was placed near the window where the sunlight came in to cover the outside view while not blocking the light. In front of the window, a long two-tiered shelf over 10M was placed to display whiskey in a staggered manner.

The long ‘ㄱ’-shaped bar, the seats surrounded by the low shelf, the bookshelf-shaped cabinet, and the furniture that functions as a hanger at the back all create an image that seems to be firmly but firmly supported by the cornerstone. The entry door is also designed to open around the foundation stone.

The group guest space is climbed through two stairs, so the ceiling height is low, but it is the coziest seat, and the four front doors can be opened and closed, so if you don’t want to be disturbed, you can close it and separate the space from the hall. On the way to the toilet through the stepping stone, a picture was placed so as not to forget the taste.

Architects: Plainoddity
Lead Architects: Kim Jihye
Photographs: Yongjoon Choi


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