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POISON GAL’s flagship womenswear boutique draws inspiration from the 1969 film “The Pool,” directed by Jacques Dereux. The film centers around a swimming pool, and this aquatic theme is echoed in the boutique’s interior. The showroom features a unique “pool” as both an art object and a clothes cabinet. The film’s aesthetics, including its color palette, furniture, decorative elements, and clothing, serve as a rich source of inspiration and are reflected in the boutique’s design.

The showroom maintains a primarily neutral decor but introduces colorful accents. Yellow clothes rails pay homage to the garden furniture designed by Italian designer Gae Aulenti, which is seen in the film, where characters relax outdoors.

Given the boutique’s limited space and the absence of a utility room, the main challenge was to design a piece of furniture that could seamlessly blend with the interior concept while offering storage solutions. The result is the “pool” cabinet, equipped with drawers and wheels for easy mobility, serving as both storage and a clothing display.

The boutique’s decor, while predominantly neutral, incorporates these colorful touches, such as the yellow clothes rails, inspired by the film’s garden furniture. The crimson rug, reminiscent of a pool’s splashing water, reflects the signature color of the POISON GAL brand. Green floor tiles reference the film’s palette and contrast with the creamy wall color, emphasizing the boutique’s floor design.

Designed by KIDZ studio @kidz__studio

Photos by Dmitry Suvorov @dimaplenka

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