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Considering Alienware as a leading brand in the gaming PC and e-sports industry, we consider its flagship store as a place that is the very center of brand experience.

The design inspiration comes from temples since it is where the crowds would gather and worship holy spirits since ancient times. Generally, the structure of temples consists of a portico entrance which is a corridor with columns in the front, which we consider to be “front room”, and a dome hall in the back. Referring to this, we make the entrance half of the store a “front room”, while the other half the “sacred hall”.

For the “front room”, we use arranged column structure on walls to convey the image of portico. In the center facing to the entrance, a robot arm is set as a divine beast guarding the sacred hall. And we use a high-intensity lighting strategy to create a bright and inviting environment, so that customers can feel free to walk into.

The “sacred hall” in the back, contrasts with the “front room”, is a more mysterious space with circular wall and dark tone. The circular LED screen in the ceiling reminds people of the typical oculus in the roof of a temple. In the center of the space there is a gaming table for three people to sit down and play PC games.

According to different functional purposes, we divide the store into product display area and immersive experience area by clearly separated layout, while at the same time, gives the space original features with a solemn store atmosphere.

Design Firm: Gramco

Project Manager: Peng Liao, Ziyun Mo

Design Principal: Junichi Eto

Design Team: Yuyang Yao, Tao Chen, Yankun Duan

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