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Nestled in the heart of Cheongdam intersection, Our Bakery’s 13th location transcends the ordinary bakery to become a space imbued with nostalgia and longing, reimagined for the contemporary soul. This project sought to craft a design both familiar and novel, rooted in the vague and abstract emotions evoked by the word ‘Our,’ aligning with the tastes of contemporary consumers and the brand’s own language. The design journey commenced with a reinterpretation of Mid-century Modernist aesthetics through a distinctly Korean lens.

Drawing inspiration from the Post-war era, which saw a fusion of mass production and popular aesthetics from the 1950s, this venture reimagines the internationalist style influenced by Korean modernists of the 1960s. Utilizing bent steel furniture, perforated metal panels, and acrylic resins for shading—elements so common they had been forgotten—this design reintroduces them in a new light. By actively incorporating color schemes, material usage, and fundamental shapes and proportions, the space achieves a look that is both traditional and contemporary. This approach ensures visitors experience a timeless spatial sensation, offering a familiar yet refreshingly new encounter.

Design by Sangwan Kim Photo by Sangwan Kim

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