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AVVENN, a diverse designer brand, was established in Shanghai in 2021. Skilled in merging artistic aesthetics with avant-garde consciousness in clothing design, it conveys a self-consistent and comfortable state through a simplification approach. The brand’s new physical store returns to Shanghai, where the space serves as a medium for brand narration. TIME TO GATHER, conceptualized around the prototype of clothing — the pattern paper, interprets the brand spirit of “Pioneer Harmonism” from multiple dimensions, including appearance, interior, and details.
From the perspective of appearance, the architecture breaks away from conventional forms, redefining itself with an L-shape. The visually symmetrical entrances on either side boldly proclaim the brand’s stance on the contradictions and coexistence, as well as the sharpness and relaxation, inherent in “Pioneer Harmonism”.

“Pioneer” signifies difference and uniqueness. Natural stone, serving as the primary material for the embedded structure, establishes the uniqueness of the spatial facade. Metal blocks interweave from the exterior to the interior, visually enhancing the volume of the passageway, directing foot traffic, and simultaneously creating a sense of ceremony upon entering the space. The stone and metal plates, aged by hand, soften the surface’s rigidity, awakening the space’s natural warmth and sense of story, allowing the “harmony” expressed by the brand to be traceable.

Design Firm: Time To Gather

Chief Designer: Xue Fei

Design Team: Chen Mengxin

Lighting Design: Artluci-Owen

Construction Company: Yi Zhu Deco

Photographer: Wu Jianquan

Copywriter: Cheng San

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