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Conexus Studio designs Super Co in One Holland Village, a novel co-working space adjacent to Superland Preschool, blending work and childcare needs with vibrant, inclusive design and cohesive brand identity.

Super Co Redefines Work-Life Balance in One Holland Village
Superland Preschool introduces Super Co, a co-working space adjacent to its latest outlet at One Holland Village. A groundbreaking solution catering to the modern-day professional’s dilemma of balancing work obligations with parental responsibilities, this initiative offers workspace facilities integrated with their children’s education establishment, facilitating the delicate balance of work and childcare.

Super Co isn’t just another co-working space; it’s a bold reimagining of how workspaces can accommodate the modern family’s needs. The design philosophy behind Super Co is as vibrant and inclusive as the community it aims to serve, drawing inspiration from the whimsicality of childhood merged with the professionalism of adulthood. The result is a series of spaces that are not only high on functionality but also brim with playful exuberance.

Breaking the Conventional Mold
In close collaboration with Super Co’s team, Conexus Studio has reimagined a workspace that goes beyond the ordinary, prioritizing not just functionality but also community and mutual advancement. Super Co’s interior design breaks barriers, reflecting its commitment to dynamic coexistence. This innovative space seamlessly integrates work and play, catering to professionals while also addressing the needs of children nearby. Vibrant communal areas effortlessly transform into discrete work zones, facilitating smooth transitions between professional tasks and childcare responsibilities as needed.

Embracing Diversity in Design
Our design philosophy for Super Co embodies inclusivity and vibrancy. Drawing inspiration from childhood wonder and professional dynamism, the space features a harmonious fusion of colours, textures, and playful elements. Bold hues punctuate the interiors, juxtaposed with soothing tones to create an energizing yet calming atmosphere. Custom-designed furniture and whimsical accents infuse the space with personality, celebrating the joy of learning and collaboration.

At Super Co, inclusivity extends beyond aesthetics. With a range of rooms tailored to different needs, from small intimate spaces to larger collaborative areas and hot desking options, they accommodate the diverse preferences of individuals and businesses. Whether seeking focused solitude or vibrant interaction, Super Co provides a welcoming space where everyone can thrive.

Crafting a Cohesive Brand Identity
In tandem with the physical space, we Conexus Studio meticulously crafted Super Co’s brand identity. , elegantly centred around the motif of leaves. Chosen for its symbolism of renewal and growth, the leaf signifies Super Co’s commitment to fostering a thriving community where members not only grow in their professional journeys but also cultivate meaningful relationships. Through this emblem, Super Co communicates its dedication to being a fertile ground for ideas, initiatives, and interpersonal connections, illustrating a shared trajectory towards collective growth and enrichment.

Empowering Collaboration and Growth
Super Co’s ethos of collaboration extends beyond its physical space to foster a culture of innovation and productivity. Regular networking events, workshops, and educational programs enrich the community, providing opportunities for personal and professional development. From team meetings and workshops to networking events and seminars, the multifunctional space accommodates a wide range of activities, enhancing opportunities for connection and collaboration within the community.

Design: Conexus Studio
Photography: Kelvin Cuff


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