Nusantao restaurant by Blue Sky Hospitality, Doha – Qatar

October 15th, 2012 by retail design blog

Nusantao is an extraordinary statement of intent from the luxurious but increasingly innovative Four Seasons Doha. The management team is pushing the boundaries of the local restaurant scene by delivering a dining experience that is rarely, if ever, seen within a hotel, even in a buoyant market like the Middle East. The Nusantao name is a combination of the word ‘nusantara’ meaning archipelago in ancient Javanese and ‘tao’ a Chinese word signifying a way.

The aesthetics of the restaurant conjure legendary realms of seafaring heritage, exotic materials, fragrant spices and rich culinary traditions. Blue Sky Hospitality, the renowned London restaurant concept studio, is once again responsible for a memorable brand identity, lighting, scenography and interior design that extend to the smallest detail of decoration, tableware, uniforms and musical styling. All this, added to the superb service and cuisine provided by the restaurant operation contributes to producing a fully immersive sensory and culinary journey of the highest standards.

The strikingly elegant, contemporary dining environment has been designed in complete contrast to the rest of the palatial but classic luxury hotel; to the surprise and delight of its loyal audience while attracting many new customers living locally. Acclaimed Creative Director, Henry Chebaane and his design team have taken inspiration from the century-old voyages of intrepid Arab traders who ventured to the far reaches of South-East Asia to trade in pearls, gems, precious woods and spices and came back to the Gulf with luxury goods and legendary tales.

The glamorous interiors blend exotic leathers of soft amber buffalo, tactile bronze shagreen and iridescent silver nubuk with flashes of turquoise fabric; offset by dramatic architectonic elements of textured palm wood, coconut timber, shimmering black pearls, sapphire blue glass and polished steel. A theatrical, sophisticated scenography combines the use of proprietary video technology to mimic the flow of sea waves behind frosted mirror panels, DMX controls and concealed LED accents providing a continuously changing mood day and night, while artistic light fittings evoke abstract marine life forms made of material as diverse as mother-of-pearl, capiz seashell, anodised aluminium and rapid prototyping polymers.

Team: Henry Chebaane, Francesca Caputo, Tapio Rosenius
Photography: Michael Koeditz

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