Unter restaurant & café, Istanbul

April 28th, 2013 by retail design blog

Unter restaurant & café, Istanbul

Fukui Bouyourou restaurant by HaKo Design, Tokyo
Fukui Bouyourou restaurant by HaKo Design, Tokyo
Red’s True Barbecue by Blacksheep, Manchester - UK
Cuts of meat hanging from the ceiling and signage displaying the availabilit...
Mitzu restaurant by StudioMKZ, Sydney - Australia
Re-defining the Japanese restaurant aesthetic, Mitzu focuses capturing a soc...
95 at Morgenster restaurant by Inhouse Brand Architects, Somerset West - South A...

One thought on “Unter restaurant & café, Istanbul

  1. bernicky says:

    Very nice design – I like the use of disparate elements to give the impression of the cafe being “thrown together” wonderful feeling. My kids are visiting Istanbul in July – where is the cafe located?

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