Silo zero-waste restaurant, bakery, café by Baines&Fricker, Brighton – UK

November 3rd, 2014 by retail design blog

Baines&Fricker have recently completed an ethical and functional interior for Silo – the UK’s first zero-waste restaurant. Based in Brighton, Silo describes itself as a pre-industrial food system that generates zero waste. They mill flour, make yoghurt, roll oats, bake bread, brew vinegar and beer, culture cream, grow mushrooms, cure meat, deal directly with farmers and compost all food scraps in-house.

The design for the interior needed a conscious design company. Baines & Fricker were a natural partnership: a local business with a passion for ‘long-lasting design’ and ‘an ability to elevate the mundane and unremarkable’.

Silo founder, Douglas McMaster wanted an overall design that was pure, raw, undone and in keeping with the philosophy of his food. Using a local non-profit making community project who ‘use and share unwanted goods’, Baines&Fricker repurposed old school tables and used office floor insulation to make tables and bench seating. These designs are coupled with modular stools and chairs made from sterling board (OSB). Everything was produced from abundant readily available materials and follows the restaurants belief in using everything and using the overlooked.

Baines&Fricker are a husband and wife team who launched their design company in 2011. Based in the vibrant seaside town of Brighton, Baines&Fricker specialise in robust, utilitarian style furniture. Steve Baines has been a furniture maker for a number of years and Eliza Fricker has worked as an illustrator and screen printer. Their collaboration has come about through a shared passion for long-lasting design, having gradually made and acquired pieces for their own home over the years.

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2 thoughts on “Silo zero-waste restaurant, bakery, café by Baines&Fricker, Brighton – UK

  1. Great interiorism, extraordinary details. Congrats.

  2. siobhan says:

    This concept similar to the Silo Concept in Melbourne with a graphical cross with Kitchen By Mike in Sydney .. I think a some creative ideas from Australia are being re hashed in London !

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