Sabich Frishman by Dana Shaked, Tel Aviv – Israel

November 24th, 2014 by retail design blog

The first branch, is located at Frishman street the center of TLV hence its name. The location of this street is in Ramat h’chayal which represents the center of a business area in north of TLV. The branch’s design was influenced by its premium location and the surrounding High Tech offices as such, I have used industrial materials such as tin and iron with limited palette of black and white shades.

The design process had began with programmatic division of the space which include toilet, kitchen and service area. The space was long and narrow. A modern, partly open kitchen was planned with black narrow profile dividers, combined frosted glass and clear glass. The industrial style combined with a monochromatic palette. The ceiling was painted black and the right black chalk wall using for writing the menu in colorful chalk. The left wall was divided to 3 – rough gray concrete stucco at the bottom, 9 m long mirror in order to create a feeling of a bigger space. The mirror was located at the center, and a graphic wallpaper above with an industrial iron lamps.

The main bar was made from stainless steel frame combined with ceramic white tiles. For covering the kitchen walls, the same white ceramic tiles were also using combined with blackish grout for an industrial modern look. Next to the bar counter, iron and wood bar stools were placed. The main counter was covered by stainless steel surfaces. The floor, which includes 4 different sizes of gray rough tiles, looks like a pavement and welcomes the customers to come in. The outdoor area includes high bar tables as well as low tin tables next to black and gray chairs. The colorful plants and flowers balance the rough materials and create an inviting modern feel.

Designed by Dana Shaked

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