Linework furniture system by Visibility

December 24th, 2014 by retail design blog

Furniture system designed for the central offices of Artsy, an online platform for discovering and collecting art. The objective was to design an office system that would allow for versatile storage as well as collaborative and personal work surfaces. Shelving holds the objects that we want out of the way, but available for continued use and on display for the convenience of others. When the structures that hold up our possessions utilize lightness, those structures allow the objects to speak for themselves and to communicate their meaning to the users.

The Linework system elevates the objects that one chooses to fill the spaces with. The shape of the bookshelf frames the items which live in the space it creates. The shelving and desks derive functionality from linear elements combined with minimal surfaces in an efficient way. Less material creating an aesthetic and utilitarian impact.

The desks are at various standing heights to provide a break from the traditional sedentary office culture. The free standing desk, as well as the bookcases, have a raised shelf below for storage of bags and personal items. This provides a space for objects that do not belong on the ground or the work surface. The spacing of the shelves on the bookcases are enlarged to allow for Artsy’s extensive collection of art books.

Designed by Visibility

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