Fromagerie Alléosse store by AMlab, Paris – France

February 5th, 2015 by retail design blog

AMlab, research and projects’ laboratory oriented to enterprises’ innovation, is the project creator of Philippe Alléosse’s Parisian Fromagerie, appointed by the New York Times, one of the three best Affineur in the world. An atypical boutique, with an highly recognizable character, where cheeses’ exposure differs from usual, enhancing the value of the whole affinage’s process.

Two main features of the concept: the store’s showing off, to project outward the proposal, and the mise-en-scène of the cheese, showed like a jewel. The architectural lines of the project, characterized by a vault that evokes the cave d’affinage’s sensation, restore a perspective able to expands the space. The central exhibition’s counter is certainly the dominant element of the fromagerie, a link between the back counter vertical exposure and the presentation of cheese complementary products.

Materials’ selections related to the project reflects the family history, made of authentic values and unconventional choices. The Brera’s stone, with its elegant solidity, is used for the central element that as a pedestal enhances cheeses. The ash wood, strong and flexible at the same time, allowed to play with shapes and to create plots and corners for products. The enforced technology is the distinctive element of the project, both for lighting, totally LED, and for the technology of cold. An innovative system that reaches the necessary temperatures and a degree of humidity up to 80%, to allow to preserve the value of the affinage’s product also inside the boutique.

AMlab, firm of international reputation with a strengthen experience in Retail and Ho.Re.Ca’s fields, expressed with the project of Fromagerie Alléosse all the effectiveness, excellence and efficiency that distinguish it.

The effectiveness of a custom and innovative design.
The typical excellence of the Italian quality and know-how.
The efficiency of a single partner for the realization of the work.

Design: AMlab
Photography: Daniele Molineris

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