Times 4 Table by Gonçalo Campos for Polit

May 15th, 2015 by retail design blog

Thanks to its 4 partitions this table creates an innovative type of storage, based on a rotating system that reveals one quarter at a time. This enables us to have our day and activities compartmented into different distinct areas. Magazines and books, remote controls and game pads, drinks and cigars, can be stored and displayed according to what is appropriate at the moment. To keep anything hidden is just a matter of turning the section away to reveal the next one.

This is an object that acknowledges all the different moods and realities of our day, and reflects that, in it’s innovative storing system. Inspired on a Pie Chart, where each color represents a different portion of the whole. So does this table represent the many parts that make up the individual.

Times 4 was designed by Gonçalo Campos for young French brand Polit

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