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In today’s ever-changing society, cyber security is more than just knowledge. It is something that should be reinterpreted as the interest, imagination, innovation and art of Generation Z. And the academy that provides education on cyber security ought to be a new type of IT community that adopts digital technology for the future society. The overall concept of spatial design can be explained in one word – Metaground. It is a combination of the two keywords “metaverse” and “ground” which describe the virtual world of cyberspace. It also indicates the academy center for people in the vast cyberspace. This space gives off the vibe of Generation Z and is packed with smart features.

designed by Youngsub Yoon, designed by jaeyeon Yoo, designed by dohee Kim , designed by  jinwoo Kim, designed by jaeyeong choi, designed by woojin Kim, designed by jihoon Lee, constructioned by jaepyo Shim, branded by eunjoo Youk, branded by mingshern Wong, branded by  joohee Jung, photo by yongjoon choi

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