Bistro Bon School Canteen by Artta Concept Studio, Hong Kong – China

May 29th, 2015 by retail design blog

Bistro Bon, a school canteen planted in Kowloon Tong Baptist University. An energetic school-ground with thousands of students crossing everyday, thus a lay back atmosphere is out of question. The space was designed in Mediterranean style to bring a calm but buoyant atmosphere as a twist to the traditional school canteen. It is mainly designed by using lineation style, natural materials & comfortable colors such as white,blue and brown to provide a refreshing state of mind while users are enjoying their Mediterranean lavish delicacy. To provide additional experiences, the canteen is separated into 3 zones each with their own characteristics.

The Open kitchen located at the side of dining lounge designed by washed wall wood panels in selected colors that follows the whole design motif throughout the canteen. Open design increases the communication and allows the atmosphere to transfer. A vertical line strikes from start to the end of the canteen to express the depth and spacial qualities within the area. It generates a tranquil atmosphere by using mild wooden tone throughout the ceiling and table top as a top and bottom spacial differentiation to other zones.

Dining lounge, heart of canteen as main service area. The use of linear bar features on seating extends the space by see through effect. Semi-private zone with tailor made wallpaper designed right on spot to create this collage to go with the canteen. The zone is separated by glass and wooden louvers, it can be transformed as private or public space when events are held.

Design: Artta Concept Studio Ltd.

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