La Bottega Trattoria by Sestini & Corti, Geneva – Switzerland

July 25th, 2015 by retail design blog

Elegance, simplicity and hail, these are the distinctive elements of the Bottega Trattoria, a restaurant situated in Switzerland, in the city centre of Geneva. An all designed and elaborated place by brilliant handcrafters from Sestini & Corti.

A minimal and material style that uses the parquet flooring made of recovered boards of limed wood, together with the salvaged wooden tops and iron structures of the Ristoro Tables alogside of the black Milano chairs and, at the counter, a beautiful solid oak shelf with 6 wooden and iron screw stools. In order to remind to those joining the restaurant the typical atmosphere of an old bistrot, we used simple flat lamps hanging from the ceiling, with metal lampshades enamelled in black and white, while on the wall hangs a beautiful ‘60s canvas map, whose sizes are about 200 cm x 300 cm. The Bottega Trattoria is a restaurant with a conteporary style, vintage furnishing elements and recovered materials but, most of all, it has the perfect atmosphere to taste the real Italian cooking.

Design: Sestini & Corti

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