Libertango room by Seungmo Lim, Seoul – South Korea

February 8th, 2016 by retail design blog

‘Libertango’ is one of the rooms of a boutique hotel located at Gangnam in Seoul. The motive of this room was from a woman dancing tango, a bullfighter waiting for a duel and a black bull. The image of seductive fluttering of the red dress that wraps around black tuxedo, a bullfighter in a gorgeous Traje De Luces (Suit of Light) decorated with golden embroidery and a black bull staring at Muelta (red fabric hanging on a stick used by a bullfighter) and kicking the dark red ground reflects the passion and tension of a moment condensed with strong colors and energy.

The twisted stainless wall that people confronts after opening the door from the corridor and the white lighting ceiling is a neutral zone as a spatial device that makes difficult to figure out its context and a space that looks like it shuts off time and space. When entering into the room passing through the entrance tunnel, people can feel the strong directional property of diagonal lines that dominate the space, the space that imposes order for each area against such directional property and the tremor of space generated by formative language as well as color and material property. Through the light that emphasizes the areal and formative aspect, the characteristic of space is more revealed and the golden curtain flowing along the ceiling is dividing space, creating a new space or integrating smoothly the space that dominates the diagonal lines.

The stainless steel entrance tunnel is crossing the red glass mass (finishing the floor, ceiling and wall entirely with red glass and red glass tile). The depth feeling of L-shape shower room provides a comfort to users and the music magnificently added with the resonance caused by the form of the space is another present. The movable table made of steel is designed to be put into the black wall. The white table rising from the white floor is integrated into the wall.

Designed by Seungmo Lim
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