FANTASTIKO21 Supermarket by cityscape architects, Sofia – Bulgaria

February 25th, 2016 by retail design blog

A place is never too insignificant to be an object of good design. A human activity is never too ordinary not to be enhanced by architectural intervention. Supermarkets are a very vital and persistent part of everyday life – a stop at the store on one’s way home from work is a must in Bulgarian lifestyle. This supermarket is part of the biggest bulgarian chain of stores – Fantastiko. The looks follows corporate identity created by our studio.

The design starts from scratch – from basic layouts, functional schemes, parking and construction to the last detail of lightning, ceilings, shelving, furniture and infographics. The building has been designed with respect to the surroundings and the specifics of the terrain. Diminishing carbon footprint has been done via simple architectural means – from raising the building slightly above ground and placing the parking lot openly underneath which leaves the rest of the open area for grass and vegetation, to introducing natural light and glazing the entrance facades, as well as via technological innovations – from using the excess heat from cooling installations to produce warm water, to using only led systems for lightning solutions.

The interior follows functional logic, leading the customer through the different areas inside and yet keeping a lively and vital spirit. Every important area in the store has been emphasized with architectural interventions in the ceilings, floorings, furniture, lightning solutions and info graphics. All background is deliberately black letting goods come forward and lure the customer’s eye. Red being the corporate colour and specially designed lightnings are the main design tools. We hope to have enhanced at least half an hour of people’s everyday life by creating a more pleasing ambience though in such a trivial place as a supermarket.

Designed by cityscape architects

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