298 Nikuya Kitchen TST by STUDIO C8, Hong Kong

February 26th, 2016 by retail design blog

298 Nikuya Kitchen TST is Japanese BBQ restaurant. The original restaurant had been located at Central, Hong Kong, before it was moved to Tsim Sha Tsui in September 2015. The words of casual, friendly, and exiting make up the key atmosphere of 298 Nikuya Kitchen TST. They wanted the space to feel open and fun. We brought the image of ‘American diner’ with the industrial accents into the space design.

Restaurant space is divided into three areas: the main hall with big counter seats, semi-private dining area and private dining room. Black and White pattered tiles are used on the floor at the entrance, and Green pattered tiles are selected on the main hall floor. Big mirror ball pendant lights are to create a unique impression at the dining.

Partitions and doors are made of the red coloured steel and black mesh screen. The wall is covered with metro tile and concrete at the above, and the light bulb messages on it. The characteristic wall paper is selected for private dining rooms. We arranged the different coloured chairs for the restaurant interior. Choosing these colours and finishing materials we believed we were able to create the unusual space for 298 Nikuya Kitchen TST.

Designed by STUDIO C8 CO.
Photography by Nacasa&Partners

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