Silos restaurant by David Bardinin and Sestini & Corti, Turin – Italy

May 26th, 2016 by retail design blog

Simplicity and industrial-style: that’s Silos, a new restaurant located in Turin’s historic district known as Vanchiglia. The design by architect David Bardinin and the making of furnitures’ elements by Sestini & Corti, led to the transformation of the premises in a bright and welcoming restaurant, whose large windows overlook the vibe and the vitality of the neighborhood. The plot of the bricks worn and aged by the time, and the different floors, have been preserved in their original state, as a hallmark of authenticity.

The inclusion of frames in rough iron and laminate instead define the boundary between the area of ​​the restaurant and the service areas, maintaining a visual and spatial continuity between the environments. The industrial style is enhanced by the vintage lamps over the long counter and the custom made iron stools Desidio with exposed welds, while the choice of the chair Milano in gray and the pale marble (from Carrara) tables accentuate the retro style where food is served. Silos, A place where the dialogue between more styles match to the desire of the client to create a sophisticated and informal atmosphere.

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