Dehesa Santa Maria restaurant by Dear Design, Barcelona – Spain

July 3rd, 2016 by retail design blog

Dear Design were commissioned to design the new location of Dehesa Santa Maria in terminal T1 of Barcelona airport. The objectives for this project were: to create a specially designed space for the boarding area, where one can comfortably pass time before long-haul flights. The surface was broadened and as it grew, it was essential to reorganize the space with fluid and intuitive paths. As the restaurant is located next to the glass facade, it was necessary to créate an element which provided shade and played with the sunlight.

We started with the intention of creating an iconic space that invites the passenger to approach. The restaurant has a new, fresh and different image, while keeping the Iberian ideal of “traditional” cuisine. The first idea was to “recreate” the feeling of being in a pasture; through a play of light and shadows generated by a space which envelopes the visitor. The abstraction of this idea is finally embodied in a structural skin of wooden slats, which define the space while giving it a cozy feeling. Covers and vertical dividers are made up of polygons of various shapes and sizes. This results in a dynamic and fluid space, which escapes the image of the typical pergola.

The furniture, chosen to give the feeling of a “sunroom” appears integrated into the whole, creating different zones: bar, bench, individual and shared tables, low and high tables; providing dynamism to the project. The lighting is suspended above the tables and bar; adjustable spotlights and lighting integrated into the structures play a key role in creating small-scale areas. Potted plants of different heights demarcate the spaces, while serving as a support for elements of the brand signage.

Creative Director: Ignasi Llauradó
Design Team: Joel Pera, Paulina Calcagno
Construction: 4Retail / Engineers: Cubic
Photography by

Dear Design is a multidisciplinar design studio from Barcelona, Spain that operates in a wide range of design, from creating commercial spaces, offices, temporary spaces till product or furniture design. Dear design offers to nationals and internationals clients adaptive solutions. Studio has won different awards in USA, UK and China between others. Dear is the contraction of Design and Architecture.

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