A Column is a System exhibition, USA, Mexico, Canada

August 25th, 2016 by retail design blog

Monoambiente invited three institutions to take over the space and to work and develop an exhibition of their choice that will generate a dialogue between the institutions, contemporary architecture and practices from North to South America.
 The invited institutions are: Storefront for Art and Architecture (New York, USA), Liga, Espacio Para Arquitectura DF, (Mexico DF, Mexico), and the Canadian Center for Architecture, (Montreal, Canada).

The aim is to focus and challenge experimental architecture, creating new networks between all agents involved in the discipline. Monoambiente constantly changes its stream of activities lead by participating institutions that host an exhibition or a public program of their choosing, engaging in groundbreaking architectural practice and discussing the role and relationship of institutions throughout America.

‘Una Columna es un Sistema’ (A Column is a System) takes place simultaneously in two countries: Mexico and Argentina. Monoambiente gallery, in Buenos Aires, hosts the first part of this exhibition starting from July 23, and LIGA inaugurated its section one week later. Both works, by the architects from Monterrey S-AR, simultaneously installed in two different hemispheres, present a single discourse that overlaps across a distance of 7,000 km.

During the week prior to the opening at Monoambiente, César Guerrero and Ana Cecilia Garza from S-AR studio (Mexico) held a three-day workshop at Oficios Asociados, an Argentine architecture firm. The aim of the workshop was to generate practical knowledge and direct experience by means of a brief and self-constructed exercise. The topics addressed included construction, material, space, representation and interpretation, and self-supporting structures through experimentation with different materials, tools, and systems that join them.

In the framework of the workshop and as a prelude to the opening of the show, S-AR held a public conference at Monte 153C, a gathering place for architects and venue for study, debate and communication on topics related to architecture and urban studies envisioned as cultural practices (located in Chacarita, Monte 153C was founded by Pablo Gerson and Florencia Rodríguez, who are its directors).

The night before the opening, Monte 153C also hosted a conference given by Carlos Bedoya Ikeda and Victor Jaime from PRODUCTORA studio (Mexico). Participants in that event included LIGA and Monoambiente in conversation with S-AR and Adamo-Faiden (Argentina), firms that worked on both exhibition venues.


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