HomeLane.com store by 4D, Bangalore – India

September 15th, 2016 by retail design blog

Design Brief: HomeLane.com is a tech-based start-up that provides fixed customized furniture and home interior solution. With no name or go-to brand which offered reliability on any of home furnishing requirements HomeLane filled that gap at the right time. While the lead generation happens online, Homelane.com realized that ‘touch and feel’ is an important aspect for buyers in India, especially when they are purchasing big high involvement investment items and this has necessitated the potential customer and the Homelane.com to meet and discuss design and material options to close the investment decision.

The design brief was “To design a new offline experience studio that acts as an appropriate setting that inspires and facilitates the co-creation of exclusive solutions to suit personal tastes of customers, many of whom have already experienced the brand online”.

Design Strategy: All design principles applied in a lifestyle Home improvement concept were incorporated to inspire and address very specific brand, service and operational needs of Homelane.com customers who largely visit the space on invitation. A signature store front was conceptualized to draw in the walk-in footfalls.

Design Concept: The in-store space has been designed keeping in mind customer experience. The storefront is designed in the impression of a premium store French window that allows for a good view into a living room setting on one side and a kitchen on the other. The store entrance features an inspirations statement ‘Design your Dream’ and the brand promise that reads “Guaranteed completion in 45 days or we pay your rent” in router cut letter.

The store layout features 4 clearly demarcated zones. The zones are led first by the smart home concept on a raised platform that features a complete set of apartment furniture fitted in a bedroom, a kitchen, a living area and a crockery section. The next zone features many individual options for solutions of living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

The third zone is the material and finishes library which is followed strategically by the fourth, the service zone with a cluster of meeting rooms and a conference room. A thoughtful kid’s play area is planned to keep kids engaged while their parents are engaged in discussion with the interior designers in the meeting rooms.

An easy-to-use material library helps present the material and finishes offered by Homlane.com and the same is strategically located next to the design discussion rooms. The design discussion rooms are designed to facilitate discussions using digital media to display 3D models and also display material samples to the client. The design studio where the designers work is also planned adjacent to this area.

The store design palette is kept warm, clean and contemporary with colored feature walls to draw attention to brand messages. Wooden rafter ceilings help add signature to the brand environment and also add warmth in the common areas. The ‘home setting’ display areas are planned with a clean ceiling to create a clean and premium home for presenting the coordinated product collections.

The lighting design concept is planned in track mounted LEDs to help deliver a premium boutique like feel in the home settings area and the material library area. Ambient lighting added to this helps create a premium home environment. The new offline experience studio offers a great environment to discuss, design and decide exclusive solutions to suit personal tastes of customers of Homelane.com.

Designed by 4D

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