Putien Restaurant at Kelapa Gading Mall by Metaphor Interior, Jakarta – Indonesia

February 24th, 2017 by retail design blog

Putien, one of the Michelin One-Star Restaurants is located inside Mall, Shopping Centre situated in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. It takes a special kind of conviction and an even more extraordinary mettle to pioneer a cuisine with such remarkable antiquity attached to it, but Putien set out with the same values of the Putian’s (name of a city, a beautiful coastal suburb in Fujian) people at heart – to deliver only the most unadulterated tastes, the most heartwarming, sincere service and a gastronomical experience so enjoyable that it will always hold a place in your heart.

Putien first focused on doing a few things well start from The savoury satisfaction of white hot, luscious Putien Lor Mee broth till the restaurant’s design. Eclectic design with combination of oriental and contemporary international styling with a hint of class and elegance for a fresh design within this high quality modern Chinese restaurant. The main colours used are teal and natural colours to enhance a sweet and harmonised environment. A touch of teal is used around furniture to create a posh and luxurious finish. As it turned out, these are the things that mattered most. The delicacies will always carry the essence of Putian’s coastal city heritage – fresh, light, invigorating.

Design: Metaphor Interior Architecture
Photography: Ruben Kristianto

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