VITRA village at Euroshop 2017, Düsseldorf – Germany

March 16th, 2017 by retail design blog

Euroshop 2017: at the leading retail trade fair in Düsseldorf, Ansorg, VITRA and Vizona’s “The village” conceptualizes a shopping experience that meets the expectations of today’s consumers. With the way we live, work, and shop changing constantly, classic product displays are evolving into multi-faceted purchasing experiences that are integrated with digital technology. These elements, such as visitor heat mapping, do not take center stage, they are embedded into the background, analyzing and increasing store productivity and letting customer experience lead the way.

The exhibition at the Euroshop 2017, follows VITRA’s “work” project shown at the Orgatec 2016, where many new scenarios of the world of work where explored. Running from 5th to 9th march, “The village” was created in collaboration with finnish interior designer Joanna Laajisto, and encompasses a relaxing, American mall-like plaza and five different stores. Comprising of a fashion, cosmetics, consumer electronics, and grocery store as well as a car showroom, the shops all feature a fictitious brand supported by individual products and a rich company history.

Inside, each store was realized by shop-fitting specialists Vizona, and focuses on a new VITRA product, which is highlighted by custom-made lighting concepts by Ansorg. At “The village”, the various shops address the current challenges that retailers face – most importantly, the competition of online stores – spurning concepts that range from extreme flexibility to those appealing on all five senses and also merging the real and virtual worlds.

Attracting customers with its products and ambience is a common theme for each store, replicating the scenario in today’s retail market.

Interior design: Joanna Laajisto
Photography: VITRA and Joanna Laajisto

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