Bionic + wireless underwater drone by Robosea

May 27th, 2017 by retail design blog

Robosea is an entrepreneurial technology company which specializes in highly-precise developments – mainly underwater automation equipment. For this project, the team introduces BIKI, the first bionic robot fish that can capture ‘the most fantastic moment’. BIKI’s bionic design by robosea minimizes the volume and weight, making it 30 percent more efficient than standard UUVs.

It also includes an infrared positioning sensor, allowing the drone, which resembles a fish, to avoid obstacles automatically and adapt to different complex environments intelligently. “BIKI can maneuver just about anywhere, and with the use of our trademarked exclusive Robosea algorithm and set in nine-axle sensor, it can keep its balance in the water – allowing BIKI self-stabilization to provide smooth videos and sharp photos through its camera platform,” said dr. Minglei Xiong, CEO of Robosea.

4K videos and pictures captured can easily be shared via live transmission to personal mobile devices and social media. In the case of a lost connection, a built-in GPS module makes BIKI automatically return to base or send real-time locations to mobile devices. Even more, BIKI operates for up to 150 minutes on a single charge, even at depths of nearly 200 feet.

“You can also design your own routes for BIKI and, if transmission is somehow lost, it will automatically return to base – all the while sending its real-time location to your mobile device,” adds Xiong. “In addition to 4K UHD video, BIKI also supports 16-megapixel photography at 30 fps that offers the best view from underwater – even when operating at high-speed motion or in darkness”.

BIKI also applies the technology of ABS crash-worthiness and resistance-to-weathering. Hence, no matter what difference in temperature, corrosive offshore environments, or under long-term sunlight, the bionic robot will always remain in perfect condition.

Design and photography: Robosea

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