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Lauri Brothers have thoughtfully completed the office design for U-Smart located in Kiev, Ukraine. Recently, we have been actively working with office spaces and making them not just workspaces, but also those in which work itself turns into a buzz. Sky Floor is a premium-level office for IT professionals.

The owner of such a company who creates products and generates profit is successful. He rides around the world, visits the art offices of Google, Amazon and realizes that he can afford the same level. But where should he invite international colleagues in return? Offices in the Ukrainian business centers can be rented by any of his colleagues, it’s too simple and like everyone else does. The ideal place for his work and business meetings as a piece of art that exists in a single copy is the projection of a creative person.

The puzzle for creating a dream office has come together thanks to three simple components: uniqueness, design, technology.

To make the office special we had to rise to the sky. We decided to build as high as possible. Office space of 250 square meters is located in Pechersk hill at the height of the 40th floor with a panoramic view of Kyiv. With height and a good location to the cardinal points we got a bonus — insolation. Science has proved that a high level of insolation dramatically increases the productivity of employees, and the sun is full daylight: it rises from the Dnipro river and sets far beyond Pobedy Avenue. This is the highest office in the country.

What makes an office special besides location? Our author’s project with a futuristic reception and podiums in the form of clouds conveys the idea of cleanliness, light and air. There is a feeling that you are soaring on a cloud. Design is about that. In this environment you can’t just sit down and work, you can only create with inspiration!

What makes an office special besides location and design? We filled the office with modern solutions of a «smart home». Sky Floor has ceased to be just a beautiful space, it has become a gadget, a working tool. Everything here works to optimize, maintain comfort, save time and money. You control all systems from your smartphone: video, climate, lighting, heating, music. In the morning the shutters will automatically rise, the temperature will be set on the locations, the music will turn on quietly so the employees can drink their morning coffee. So the working day will begin smoothly according to the script programs. The office falls asleep itself, wakes up and adjusts to the preferences of the owners, making it possible to control the mass of parameters from anywhere in the world where the Internet is. Aruba and Fortinet are responsible for network security. These words are enough for IT people to sleep peacefully.

The Sky Floor office sets a high standard of techno-visual aesthetics in a premium office building. And if overtime offices worthy of Ukrainian Jobs and Axelrod appear in the country the Sky Floor mission can be considered a success.

Design: Lauri Brothers
Design Team: Yura and Sergey Lauri, Anastasia Kharuk
Photography: Sabukhi Novruzov


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