TID watches by Form Us With Love

August 15th, 2017 by retail design blog

TID is the Swedish word for time, and marks a significant point in the studio’s development from one enlisted by third-party clients to one capable of making and maintaining a brand in its entirety. Together with Petrus Palmér and Ola E. Bernestål, Form Us With Love saw the chance to imprint its style in a new, emerging marketplace—design watches.

Timelessness was the operating word when developing TID’s first timepiece, No.1. The watch boils away extraneous functions to focus on legibility and a design the user won’t get bored with. As a timepiece, it softly references some classic traits like integrated wire lugs to allow a NATO or pass-through strap and repositions the crown at 9-o’clock to avoid it digging into the wrist (given most wear a watch on the left hand). It’s a watch to withstand fickle changes in style, while remaining relevant in complementing trends as they come and go.

The first batch of TID watches sold out quickly, with a limited amount of press coverage in selected outlets. Subsequent runs of the No.1, available in black and white dialled versions, followed suit. As a result TID watches were shipped to more than 30 odd countries every month. From Indonesia and Israel to Chile.

Proof of global market and concept were confirmed and TID soon moved into its own dedicated brand studio, developed its own stark point of sale assets and embarked on a periodical exploration of time itself with a number of high profile artists. 2015 saw No.2 released along with a 300% revenue growth.

Design: Form Us With Love


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