Morneau Shepell Office by Metaphore Design, Montreal – Canada

February 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

To accommodate Morneau Shepell’s Corporate rapid growth, Metaphore Design was mandated to create an upbeat and stimulating ‘DESKING’ work environment that would not only maximize real-estate investment, but help attract the next generation of employee, and encourage team interaction. Locating all offices on the interior allows for natural light to flood into the open workstation environment. Lowered panels and shared storage help to create a bright and spacious feeling to a very dense footprint. Open collaborative spaces sprinkled through the workplace create opportunities for planned and spontaneous teamwork. The application of exaggerated bands of bright color on floors, walls and ceilings make a strong first impression while providing the open space with important scale and rhythm.

The fresh color palette was inspired from the recently updated Morneau Shepell logo. The use of ‘LARGER THAN LIFE’ nature images in the interior workstation sector bring a breath of fresh air to those employees located further from the natural light. The color and drama is continued in the interior breakout space. The project offers the Morneau management team an updated image reflecting their Corporate brand.

Design: Metaphore Design / Marjorie Marshall / Robert Gauthier / Marine Debus / Philip Zein

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