CJ Foodworld Lotteworld Point by Listen Communication & CJ FOODVILLE, Seoul – Republic of Korea

November 1st, 2017 by retail design blog

Considering the geographical characteristics of the site, Jamsil, where various kinds of spaces such as amusement park, hotel, office, and residence are gathered, we have designed this space with the concept of ‘Urban Healing Space’ to provide visitors with food, relaxation and cultural entertainment.

When you enter the food studio where the leaves are piled up through a push-up window of the entrance door, you can face with a camping trailer that has a charming mat on one side of the floor. This is the kinfork zone where you can relax and enjoy refreshments while enjoying the simple and relaxed life of nature in your busy life.

When you move a little further, you will meet base camp, the headquarters of the hidden food studio. In the basecamp, you will receive an introduction the food made from various food materials of the studio and moved to the seats which are released in various spaces. The opposite side the basecamp zone, you can see the various bar where you can pick up the ordered menu.

The bar design was made up in Ireland bar so that the visitors can feel as if they are cooked in the kitchen of my house and tried to use various communication means to experience the cultural elements of each brand. We want to provide convenience to visitors with the sink that arranged all around based on the visitor’s traffic and the information about the cooking process and the history.

Design: Sangyoon Kim / Listen Communication in collaboration with CJ FOODVILLE
Photography: Jaeyoon KIM / Deokchang KIM

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