Barrister’s Chamber at the Landmark by Plot Architecture Office, Hong Kong

January 15th, 2018 by retail design blog

Looking out at its twin tower, this corner room frames the view of the façade grid of the buildings, and extends it graphically into a hierarchy of modular grids that guide the layout in the chamber. The matrix begins with a layer that divides the chamber equally into three rectangular parts: a working area, a meeting area and a resting area. It is then overlaid with a layer of flooring to form a base grid.

Vertical planes intersect the grid as shelving and display walls. The pure white background accentuates the timber resting area as a major focal point of the room. Together with the varying modules in the shelves and walls, they create reverberating rhythms to articulate a series of blank canvases for displaying the user’s collection of furniture, books, paintings and the like.

Design: Plot Architecture Office
Photography: Plot Architecture Office and Samson Tang

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