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At present, the office is not only considered a place of work, but also a key element affecting the image of the employer and the company. Look4app is a start-up from Wrocław specialized in applications development. The company recently changed its headquarters and asked Pixers your business to help personalize the new office so that it could better reflect its character and friendly atmosphere.

“Moving to a bigger, hence` more expensive, office, was a strategic decision. We knew that in order to attract the best people and make them stay, we had to invest in the company. In our industry, buying the best equipment to improve employees’ productivity is not enough. Buying another computer or keyboard will not increase efficiency. We had to create a harmonious ensemble. People around, projects, and work comfort, i.e. the office, are important, explains Bartosz Robaszewski, CEO & co-founder of Look4app.

In the case of Look4app, the aim of the metamorphosis was to escape from the corporate atmosphere and emphasize the values that are important for the company and people who work there, says Magdalena Frankowska, New Business Manager of Pixers your business. The employees could choose the direction of the revamp and they decided to go for the flat design style. The values we wanted to express were modernity, a good work atmosphere, and fun. All the wall murals created by Pixers are consistent and harmonize with the design of the office, co-workers say.

300 m2 is a real design challenge. Flat design, which became the main theme, works very well for such places. Its typical features include: very simple shapes, vivid colors, and clear pictograms inspired by icons of the applications in which Look4app specializes. This style focuses on a clear message. It reduces ornaments to the minimum and excludes unimportant elements. Pure form and a simple message with a bit of humor, explains Malina Mituniewicz, graphic designer from Pixers your business.

One wall really stands out — it is the CEO’s office watched over by Batman. At Bartosz Robaszewski’s specific request, his favorite superhero was placed behind his desk, revealing a little bit about him and adding flavor to the interior. Although it is The Dark Knight, according to Look4app’s CEO, Batman definitely warms up the atmosphere for people who come in for an interview. They immediately start identifying with the company. For our current employees, it completed a certain image of the company as a non-corporation start-up.

The modern design of the Look4app office not only keeps up with the latest trends, but also implements the employer’s branding strategy of the company. A comfortable and visually attractive office is a company’s flagship and a great way to stand out and attract new talent. Look4app offers its employees a long list of benefits, which now includes an element that cannot be ignored.
After entering the office, everyone’s and not “literally everyone’s” attention is caught by the interior giving the “wow!” effect.

We chose Pixers, because a company we know recommended it. Our expectations were met in 100%, and our employees like the design, especially the 3.5 meter high Batmen”, says Bartosz Robaszewski, CEO & Co founder of Look4app.

Completion: Pixers your business
Project coordinator: Magdalena Frankowska
Address: Duńska 11, Wrocław, Poland
Floor space: 300 m2
Project author: Malina Mituniewicz
Photography: Piotr Szczepański

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