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In spring 2015, when many experts were gathered for the renewal of the clubhouse, there was a great sympathy for the old “Namchon” value. Among the results of “Being Namchon”, we were able to determine the renewal concept of the clubhouse as ‘home’. Stay at the house surrounded by the beautiful nature of Namchon. I’d stared to think that it gets the look of the Namchon Clubhouse and, on the other hand, because the ‘ House ‘ is not newly constructed, there are a lot of thoughts and discussions to refine the appearance of the clubhouse. Over the last 10 years, club members have loved the Namchon as the prestigious Club. That being so, we thought the point of renewal is reproduction based on keeping the original look, analyzing and interpreting the existing architecture, finding the concealed spaces and design the interior in harmony with the original figure. To do so, we try to consolidate the existing value which Namchon has.

Instead of embellished and luxurious looks, I think the real value of Namchon can be found through the past time as its own taste and style. Furthermore, those values are the only true essence of Namchon and we should make efforts to keep developing. Also it has to be free from upcoming passage of time. On this account, we spent lots of time thinking how much we should relieve unnecessary things as well as how and what we should leave existing things. Not creating a new thing but focusing on how to organize previous ones and concentrate the essential function is the core of renewal project. As a result, sufficient discussion of what to keep before start building up and worries of the function had made to keep the value of Namchon and it brought newly and comfortable style of Namchon.

Namchon is still ongoing. Even renewal construction is completed, I occasionally visit Namchon. Progressive client keeps searching every inch of the Namchon and concerning even small portion in order to provide better service as well as space. Though these can’t be shown right away, all of the efforts, I guess, are force and the reason that Namchon becomes one of famous brands.

Architects: B&A Architects
Architect in Charge: Daeyong Bae
Design Team: Jaehong Jeon, Jieun Ryu, Jiyoung Choi
Photographs: Archframe

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