Hair Clinic gnome by Takeshi Nagata & Yukari Nagata, Osaka – Japan

February 8th, 2018 by retail design blog

When you open the door, you’ll find a fairytale world. Gnomes are living in a forest and practicing their crafts in a small wooden workshop. We imagined ourselves as Gnomes, which is also used for the name of this beauty salon “Gnome”, and designed the salon as if it was a little Gnome’s workshop. First, the salon is decorated in wooden lauan plywood, and geometric patterns are painted in white on the ceiling.

The white triangles stand out in contrast to the grain pattern of the wood and give rhythm to the space. Also the effect of the geometric pattern influences your optical sense to make the low ceiling (CH = 2400mm) in the salon seem higher. At the same time, this mosaic pattern can broaden people’s imagination. They feel like they’re at the entrance of a fairy tale world or a different dimension.

In addition, by increasing the white area using white P-tiles for the floor, the visibility of the hair coloring is heightened during treatment. The reason for making the sanitation corner white is the same. The circular mirrors give the illusion of greater space, while at the same time creating a feeling of floating like being in a fairy tale.

Design: Takeshi Nagata & Yukari Nagata / Eleven nine interior design office
Photography: Seiryo Yamada

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