Alienware flagship store by Gramco, Chengdu – China

February 19th, 2018 by retail design blog

ALIENWARE Flagship Store Chengdu, the world’s first flagship store of high-end specialized game brand Alienware, is fully designed by our company GRAMCO. Right in the middle of the entrance, there is a typical computer case disassembly model displayed, hanging in the midair and welcoming customers who are entering the store or passing by.

In the further part of the store, there is a big display table mainly used for product display and experience. Different from ordinary display tables, this one has a mechanical arm with built-in motion tracking sensor, which quickly senses customer’s approaching and moves to the customer automatically. Through the display monitor on the mechanical arm, it plays the corresponding introduction videos of the products on table to the customer.

The center of the store is the gaming zone where allows six person teams to battle and experience. We believe that customers can fully understand the products and feel the pleasure of gaming only when they experience the products by themselves.

Except daily product video playing, the nine-screens at the gaming zone have more uses, e.g., live broadcast of gaming process by connecting with one computer of the team, or live broadcast of other competition areas through networking, etc. ALIENWARE flagship store makes its brand and products closely related. By using high technology, surprising technics and cool-looking materials, we are trying to create a store like “laboratory”.

Designed by Gramco
Photography by Beijing Ruijing photography

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