Gyu Shige Japanese Restaurant by Kingsmen, Ho Chi Minh city – Vietnam

February 23rd, 2018 by retail design blog

Inspired by the friendly and cozy Japanese street food joints, traditional Japanese BBQ restaurant Gyu Shige is designed with a touch of modern ambiance. Separated into three levels, the ground floor and first floor are designed as open space, where guests seat together to reanimate the atmosphere of street vendors; while the partitioned bench seating on the side on ground floor offers more privacy for bigger groups. The space is filled with the artworks and paintings flowing freely to make the dining space become lively.

The second floor provides private dining rooms for guests who prefer a quieter dining space. The rooms are placed amidst the Zen garden, offering a peaceful and relaxing view to the dining guests. For those who wish for complete privacy, bamboo screens can be drop down to shield the onlookers. Along with the authentic Japanese traditional aspects such as shoji door, noren curtain, etc., the fusion of grey painted walls and ceilings, dark wood, subdued lighting and warming yellow accents from wall materials create a calm and cozy atmosphere. In this dark ambiance, a wall of neon light boxes of Gyu Shige’s unique character is recognized as the focal point of the space.

Designed by Kingsmen Vietnam Co. Ltd
Photography by Naoto Ohike

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