THE MISSION restaurant by 5 Star Plus Retail Design, Beijing – China

March 5th, 2018 by retail design blog

We are happy to announce that THE MISSION Fresh Grill is ready to open their second retail space in Beijing, hot on the trail of their flagship store design in China World Mall, which opened last year. The young brand was founded by a Beijing local and his partner from Seattle, the culmination of a combined 40 years of experience in the restaurant business. Their mission is to provide the freshest, highest quality food in a friendly and inviting luxury environment. THE MISSION prepares American-style Mexican food in their open-kitchen restaurant design, which has proven popular with the locals.

The flagship store design China World Mall showcases a cool, artistic design; however, for the second store design, we were asked to take inspiration from the fresh, natural products which THE MISSION use. Nestled in Central Park Plaza, the store exterior perfectly integrates modern city living with formations found in nature. We have developed this duality further inside, combining metal furnishings with high-quality natural wood. Stainless steel surfaces provide a clear-cut sense of cleanliness without tainting the product with secondary flavors. The addition of living fauna such as cactuses and succulents literally bring a breath of fresh air, and emphasise the vitality of the products. Lighter colours have been used in order to create a clean, invigorating environment and the installation of different seating arrangements allow the restaurant to cater for slow diners and quick eaters alike.

The new store location in Central Park Plaza provides a space for patrons to refresh and unwind from their busy urban lifestyle. With a customer-driven ethos, THE MISSION looks to accommodate all types of customers, from office workers, families, expats, and anyone else looking for a fun, nutritious meal. THE MISSION is proud to work in the community and introduces regular offers to make living a healthy life an easy choice.

In the near future, there are plans for expansion, with a new retail design in Beijing Sanlitun on the cards. Expansion into Shanghai is also a likely step for this increasingly popular American-style Mexican restaurant. We look forward to helping their expansion with tailored restaurant designs.

Designed by 5 Star Plus Retail Design

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