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BMW’s new home in Dominican Republic is all about showcasing masterpieces in the most perfect way. Designed according to the new BMW Group Identity Guidelines, it has been completely renovated to the new standards of what a BMW Showroom should be.

The process to convert the old showroom involved a complete strip down of the existing building, leaving only its raw roof structure(warehouse A-frame apex roof) and columns. The concept of its appealing and striking profiles is placing the automobiles in centre stage. Powerful straight lines of interaction between rectangular walls and hovering roof slabs give it a clear sense of direction and dynamic linear alignment.

The outer shell is a combination of a glass facade, distinctively overhanging roof slabs, and an exterior vehicle display platform backgrounded by a white plastered wall. The entrance is integrated on the side to the glass facade, remaining unobtrusive to the view of the automobiles in its interior. A white plastered wall highlights this side entrance and guides visitors towards the interior.

The automobiles placed in what emulates a road inside the showroom running parallel to the road that faces its facade are meant to give it a stimulating atmosphere based on the interaction of the outer environment and inner ambience through its space-defining layers. The transparency offered by the clear glass facade and the predominating white plastered walls and slabs set out a lively atmosphere of bright open space and create a radiant highlighting effect over the products.

The interior distribution is structured into defined distinct areas giving visitors a dynamic experience. Parallel lanes of automobiles over asphalt-colored floors greet visitors as they enter the showroom. The customer area provides a view of the entire showroom, located one step higher on a platform characterized by warmer colored floors. All areas have the adequate connection between each other regarding the process flows for the different purposed visitors who attend the showroom: potential customers and service customers.

Visitors can experience the excitingly accentuated spatial landscape as they gaze through the different areas which include two model specific spaces: the “M Corner” with a vehicle displayed over a glass floor and the “7 Lounge” with an elegant natural wood platform. Both spaces posses their own furniture elements for visitors who want to comfortably sit and appreciate the vehicles in display.

All of the furniture throughout the showroom is characteristic of BMW’s visual style and are an integral element of the brands presentation. It was designed for BMW and embodies the high aspirations of the brand in terms of quality and design. In addition to the functional styling the furniture provides, the spaces are enlivened by carefully appointed lighting.

Light suffusion accentuates the architecture as well as provides a pleasant atmosphere indoors and outdoors. Product lighting is provided by recessed light fixtures which are of daylight color so that the product colors are always perceived authentically at night or day. some colored led accents can be perceived in spaces like the “M corner” as well as outdoors providing interesting moods to the facade.

The combination of these simple elements create a captivating and attractive setting for some smooth operations and ensure a recognizable fascinating brand image.

Project Area: 1,250 Square Meters
Project Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Architecture: Arch. Eduardo De Castro Cáceres
Contractors: Eng. Armando Santos And Eng. Jean Paul Valdez (Constructora Sanval, S.A.)
Supervision: Olaf Ch. Hofmann (BMW Group – Dealer Development)
Photography by Ivan Mendez (FoToGrAfIkA)

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