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It is a very simple, elegant and multi-functional lounge chair. It consist of two identically “L” shaped elements that can be easily folded and stored in a small space. You can also assemble small table or bench and with more elements even a bookshelves or some kind of landscape. Assemblage is very easy and without complex details or metal components. It is made from molded beech plywood.

The project started in a small design workshop at the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We started with a simple idea and first made models and a full scale chair where we studied the dimensions and ergonomics. After a great deal of research and work we have the final “L” shaped element we were searching for. Now we are collaborating with a small chair factory, STOL & STOL. They have the right technology for molded plywood designs and a long tradition of manufacturing chairs. With this collective effort and contributions we now have several prototypes.

Laminated molded plywood is an excellent material for designing furniture as it is sustainable and has strong compressive and tensile characteristics. We want to use only natural and sustainable materials with as little environmental impact as possible. Slovenia is one of few countries with very high percentage of forests – over 60% of land is forest. For the LLSTOL we are using quality beech wood which is also the most common type of wood in our country. So LLSTOL is made ​​entirely of wood and coated with natural oil.

The LLSTOL is transformable and can be used for various purposes. The “L” shaped element proved to be the configuration best adaptable to multiple uses. Its basic use is as a lounge chair, but it can be transformed into other furniture types very easy and without complex details or metal components.

We think the chair will suit students, middle generation and young families with small apartments where the chair’s transformable qualities are best expressed. Because of its size and adaptability to many situations, the chair can be stored and then used as an extra seat when one has guests. Beside its many domestic uses, we think the chair is suitable also for public buildings e.g., coffee shops, galleries, student dormitories, hotel lobbies, libraries, book shops etc.

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