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Goelia Headquarter is characterized by an eco-friendly design, reflecting its corporate philosophy to bring vitality, comfort and pleasure to people and its staff who spend a lot of time at work. The design embodies Goelia’s brand essence -the perfect combination of nature and environment. To reflect the group’s belief that people are its core asset, Clifton designed a recreation zone with an airy ambience, which includes an atrium, café, massage room for staff to socialize and achieve physical and mental relaxation.

A splash of color on the office ceiling helps to spice up the mood. Patterned after nature, stones, recycled wood and greeneries are used throughout the reception, recreation, offices and meeting areas; glass windows are widely applied to take advantage of the sunlight. The cheerful environment and functional layout maximize staff communication at work and leisure.

The reception area features a minimalistic design which fits in well with Goelia’s corporate image -natural and eco-friendly. The counter made of natural stone is a symbol of meticulous craftsmanship and the Group’s solid foundation. Adjacent to the reception area, the Map Feature Wall in green stones witnesses the Group’s footprint in 23 countries up to 2010, locations where photo-shooting took place for its quarterly magazine. It reinforces the Group’s traveling culture.

The recreation zone includes an atrium, café, massage room for staff to socialize and achieve physical and mental relaxation. The centre of the café features a cylindrical serving counter resembling the characteristic white houses in Greece. Seating areas are marked by minimalistic materials like white corian counter top, eco-friendly recycled wood and green carpet to create a harmonious environment to unwind. The French folding doors accentuates the sense of nature and space, when opened up, it creates an extended space into the atrium.

The outdoor atrium reveals a wise use of exterior area. It resembles a side-walk café for staff to relax. During special occasions, it also serves as an alfresco for entertaining guests. Together with an eye-catching exterior billboard, it helps to strengthen the brand presence of the Group.

More creative concept includes the one-man Ping Pong room, the Ping-Pong conference table, the inspiring “Roman Amphitheater” conference room, all brings fun, vitality and liveliness to the overall work ambience. To cater for large-scale product launch and fashion show, a huge auditorium is in place. Glass doors at the entrance creates an inviting passage. The VIP seating on both sides is marked by a host of interesting feature walls, using different shades of red bricks, visuals of different parts of the world map are subtly created.

The spectacular roof-top restaurant with glass ceiling and windows is a major highlight. The minimalistic design creates a modern and stylish ambience for guest entertainment. The new Goelia Headquarter surely creates a refreshing ambience for staff and business partners alike.

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