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Partners Peter Bundgaard Rützou and Signe Bindslev Henriksen comment:

“Balthazar Champagne Bar is a new lunch/evening bar situated in the very sanctum of inner Copenhagen, Denmark. The project has been realized as part of a complete renovation of the iconic and leading classic luxury hotel, Hotel D’Angleterre. Occupying one of the most attractive locations in the city, Balthazar addresses both the Copenhagen locals, as well as accommodating guests from the hotel.”

The Site
“The renovation of the site was quite demanding in terms of refurbishment and construction as it was originally used for storage and small offices. Structurally we opened up the facade and removed a deck to secure an attractive space with beautiful dimensions, high windows and an amazing ceiling height.”

The Starting Point
“We were intrigued by these altered proportions of the space as it possesses an almost sacral quality. Our intention was making the interior grow from the proportions of the modified space and it’s innate and ambient qualities. The row of massive columns facing the street on two sides was a strong architectural and structural element we decided to enhance.

Mirroring the rhythm from the columns on the street-facade onto the facing walls and ceiling, we aimed at creating a balanced and symmetrical structure. As a small modern temple with a neoclassic feature. To enlarge and highlight the spatial frame and sensation, we mounted large elements of handmade vintage mirrors the walls and ceiling, utilizing the reflections to generate an additional magical effect. From this point on we started to work on the interior, surfaces, lighting and furniture.”

“We are generally very inspired by the actual process of working with the client and the personal dialogue. Our job is to transform dreams and interpret stories and we try to find our way into understanding the premises to work, draw and design.

Through this dialogue we seek to find a mutual understanding of the atmosphere, ambitions and the life that will be lived and unfolded in the space when our work is done. The spirit of Hotel D’Angleterre has always been very iconic, and the ambitions of Balthazar was to create a hotel-bar with roots in elegant classic features, while maintaining a contemporary, seductive, poetic and playful approach.”

“There has always been a certain mysterious and magic feel about hotel bars for us. There is something unpredictable about the mix of locals, travelers and hotel guests — an atmosphere that benefits from the mix of cultures and expectations. Inspired by this atmosphere we chose to work with a broad palette of materials and soft color tones to compose a cosy atmosphere and some intimate surroundings.

Seeking a metropolitan look and feel, our wish was to balance out all the choices, resulting in a space that stays true to the spirit of Hotel D’Angleterre. This results in a balance between light and dark, soft and hard, rustic and refined, elegant and dreamy, graphic and colorful.”

The Interior
“The heart and spine of Balthazar is the long black lacquer counter with surrounding bar stools. The counter spans from front to back of the space. The base of the bar is hand painted with accents of brass along with the wall panels. The long bar is surrounded by smaller groups of soft chairs and built-in sofas through-out the window niches. The chairs, sofas and curtains are all in variations of soft colored velvet.

The backdrop of the interior is fitted with floor-to-ceiling champagne cabinets featuring antique mirrors and darkened brass frames. The floor is a an anthracite grey antique and rustic marble with white borders framing the space. The venetian Barovier Chandeliers in goldened glass above the entire scenery, act as huge champagne sculptured clouds that ties the space together.”

Furniture & Materials
“The bar chairs and lounge chairs are all from the new Lunar Collection we have recently designed for Stellarworks( The bar stools are in dark grey leather while the lounge chairs are all in velvet varying from warm grey to dark purple. Poufs and built-in sofas are designed specifically for the project, covered in dusted rosa velvet and midnight blue color tones. The wall lamps in black fabric and brass are also custom made for the project.”

Designed by SPACE Copenhagen

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