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In the beginning of 2013 the conversion of the tourist information center by PARTNERUNDPARTNER architekten in Baiersbronn (Black Forest) was completed. The project was realized in two phases. The first phase was the whole redesign and enlargement of the public customer area and back office of the information center. This was followed by the renewal of the public toilets on the ground floor.

Eye-catcher and space-defining element of the tourist information is a huge wall-like wood pile, which is characteristic for the landscape of the Black Forest. The logs are not simply piled. Each log is cut into shape and perfectly stacked on each other, so that the 15.5 meter long and 2.4 meter high wood pile forms the topography of the surrounding valley of Baiersbronn. Thus the customers can walk along the landscape profile while touching the wooden surface ofthe logs.

As a consequence the tourists can make geographical connections between the different locations of the northern Black Forest. The material for the logs was taken from the surrounding forest. The silver fir was cut by a regional saw mill in cooperation with the local carpenter who constructed the wood pile and the remaining the furniture.

The tourist information was expanded spatially. At daytime the lobby of the neighboring convention hall “Rosensaal” can be used as a reading lounge and provides additional space to the information center. During events it serves as a reception foyer or temporary exhibition space.

Both areas are connected by the gigantic wood pile. Within the landscape of the wood pile several small and bigger boxes are positioned. The front edge of the boxes follows the topography of the logs of wood. The bigger boxes serve as shelves for brochures and catalogues about the northern Black Forest while the smaller boxes work as displays for seasonally changing images and photos. On integrated monitors upcoming events or special offers are being presented.

The customers can inform themselves individually and are invited to browse and discover the freely accessible pieces of information. For further advice two reception desk are located in front of the wooden wall-like structure. The main desk is creating a big opening in the wood pile and gives access to the back office. By an internal staircase it is connected to the offices on the upper floor.

On the one hand the wood pile creates the boundary between public and private space. On the other hand it serves as a background for the whole tourist information center. With its backlighting the wooden wall shines out onto the market place of Baiersbronn.

In cooperation with a local glass factory two glass lamps were designed. Above main reception desk and in the reading lounge several illuminated 1.5 cm thick glass discs are hanging from the ceiling and perform an additional welcoming gesture.

Design Team: Jörg Finkbeiner, Klaus Günter & Christian Necker
Photographs: Ulrike Klumpp, PARTNERUNDPARTNER architekten

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