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In the process of rebranding all of our US retail clinics, Connect Hearing has opened up 2 new state-of-the-art Pilot stores in Upland and Temecula, Southern California. The 2 clinics are the face of our new brand identity and offer our valued customers a brand new customer experience.

New brand promise: „Outstanding understanding”
At Connect Hearing we believe that we can deliver the best possible hearing solution only by listening to our customers’ personal needs and their individual life situation with a passionate and professional attitude. Only by truly listening we are able to deliver sustainable and outperforming hearing solutions. These ideals have also lead to the development of the new brand campaign „Better hearing starts with a story. Tell us yours.”

King concept: The new face of Connect Hearing in clinics
In retail, a brand identity only comes to live in the real world, hence in our clinics. That’s why Connect Hearing has developed a completely new POS concept. In its center lies our customer who should always be the absolute focus of our attention and should feel welcomed and at home. Furthermore a brand identity cannot only be visual but should be experiences with all senses. As a consequence our new stores are equipped with a unique and specific light, scent and room concept.

The heart and soul of the corporate Connect Hearing stores are the common understanding of our values and brand attributes. Together with the “King Concept” we developed a unique and well coordinated holistic program that brings service to the customer and puts them into the center of all activities. We create an environment where the customer feels good, does not ever have to change his place, can relax and where stress, fear and uncertainty is taken away. Instead of many different small rooms we transform the “guest zone” into two wide open brightly lit and comfortable areas: Lobby & Solution Room.

Creating an innovative and multifunctional space combining customers «waiting» with the possibility of relaxing while enjoying a quality coffee and special treats, in a classy and original environment. This warm and multi-sensorial environment eases and optimizes acceptance of treatment and advanced use of new technologies.

Solution Room
When guests entrust their health to an audiologist it would be nice to also feel good during the fitting, not only after it. Combine health care with comfort, ease and even pleasure. Creating a relaxing, multi-sensorial environment, suited to all types of customers, capable of eliminating the fear of hearing loss or the fitting process.

In this customer-oriented approach we enlarge the fitting rooms by doubling the space and cutting square footage in the entrance area. The former fitting rooms, counseling rooms or test rooms are combined to one “Solution Room”. Claustrophobic sound booths belong to the past. This change enriches the working area of our employees and gives our customers a comfortable and spacious experience.

Modern technology and cozy atmosphere
During our counseling process we use hi-tech equipment in order to achieve the best possible hearing solutions. Tablet PC’s prepare our customers for the upcoming visit and at the end of our solution finding path, they are kindly asked to tell us their personal story and experience, again using a dedicated tablet app to do so.

„Better hearing starts with a story. Tell us yours” hence is much more than a campaign, it is a philosophy! Our interior decoration combines a comfortable and cozy reception area with soundproof but open Solution rooms, where our customers enjoy a professional but stress less fitting process.

Rollout during the next 2 years
After thoroughly testing our Pilot stores and talking to our customers and their experiences, Connect Hearing plans to refurbish all of their US and global clinics by the same principle.

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