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Conceived by Emmanuelle Moureaux for the Shinjuki Creators Festa 2013, ‘100 colors’–whose title indicates the number of hues the designer has integrated into the work–features more than 840 sheets of paper that are suspended from the ceiling, creating a volume of rainbow colors that float in the air. Emmanuelle has chosen the 100 colors from inventory of Takeo, a Japanese paper manufacturer whose product line is available in thousands of types and textures, in an extensive range of hues.

The vibrant installation encourages visitors to engage with it from various angles. Bean bags are placed under neath the spectrum of color inviting one to sit down and look at it from a different perspective, while 100 round circles–each representing the colors used in the opus–placed on the wall summon the public to place a sticker around their favorite, transforming the rear of the space into a completely separate work of art, that also acts as a trend indicator of what guests prefer.

‘100 colors’ is on show at Shinjuki Mitsui Building 1F 55square and is being displayed until September 29th, 2013, and Emmanuelle is eager to find a new venue for the work once this exhibition ends.

‘When I first arrived in Tokyo, I was fully fascinated by the colors overflowing on the street. In that very moment, my mind decided to move to Japan. Overwhelming number of store signs, flying electrical cables, and flashes of blue sky framed by various volumes of buildings, created three dimensional ‘layers’ in the city. The flood of various colors pervaded the street built up a complex depth and intensity in the space. These indelible experiences of colors and layers in Tokyo were the inspiration and essence of my design concept of ‘Shikiri’, which means dividing (creating) space with colors.

Valuing the emotion inspired from Tokyo, in the 10th anniversary year of my studio, I want to show the beauty of colors to the fullest extent. I also wish to share the feeling of being surrounded by overflowing colors by exhibiting 100 colors, here in the middle of Tokyo. Please come and find your favorite color.’ – Emmanuelle Moureaux

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