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When Vero Moda and Riis Retail started planning the design and construction for the new Vero Moda store in Stuttgart it was from a common vision of creating a “non-conceptual” concept store. The ambition was to add a human touch to the 700 m2 big space on Königstrasse and to give the customers more than the usual shopping experience.

The store is divided between a white space on the ground floor and a black space on the first floor. The two contrasting floors provide a customer experience with unique interior design, natural materials and sculptural installations. The tall glass facade is tying the two stories together and stands out on Königstrasse during both day and night.

The Danish steel material “Tomback” was used to create an iconic entrance portal and façade column. The Danish supplier basically delivered all available material on the market to build these two elements in time. Furthermore an 8 meter long Vero Moda logo with more than 3000 diodes light up the façade.

The execution of the project has been an intensive “one of a kind” experiment and this design approach is reflected in several main features in the store. On the ground floor the renowned Danish artist Rene Holm created a large art piece by painting directly on two large walls. Opposite to the wall paintings an 11 meter long botanical installation was established with almost 400 plants from a local gardener.

This creates an organic carpet below the escalator an adds a natural atmosphere to the space. As a contrast to the white clean space the original raw concrete wall next to the escalator is exposed to tell the structural story of the building. The existing installations are covered by massive Corten steel plates displaying almost artistic patterns of rust. The rusted element is also the key design to the area displaying Vero Modas new jeans collection Noisy May in the very back of the shop.

On the first floor the space is defined by massive steel columns and beams supporting a wooden oak ceiling throughout the space. A lounge area is established with framed art pieces from Italy on the walls. Old antique tables was painted black and used as display furniture. Other furniture made in oak and brass sets a modern and feminine feeling to the space. A large mirror ball sculpture assembled by 54 large surveillance mirrors was created as another unique art piece for the store and provides and unusual eye-catcher behind the façade.

All in all it has been a great struggle with a lot of uncertain challenges to build this store. However the challenges and many unusual solutions is also what makes the Vero Moda store on Königstrasse worth a visit.

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