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The simplest most advanced wireless Multi Speaker for iPhone, iPad + Android ever in compact form. Touch the cap to elevate your sound! The new design is a natural evolution and, again, amazingly simple. All visual distractions have been removed to make everything about your music. It may look similar on the outside, but under the hood it has been completely re-engineered. To deliver ‘best in class’ sound, we completely reinvented the speakers inside, fine tuning and optimizing them for our design and unique form factor.

While big speakers typically deliver great bass but poor high frequencies, and smaller speakers tend to give great highs but no bass, our proprietary neodymium dual speaker system combined with our custom software allows for amazing highs and deep, powerful lows. With new engineering solutions, we’ve also managed to more than double the speaker chamber, delivering even deeper bass. Once you hear it, you will need to remind yourself how small and portable the HiddenRadio2 actually is.

We finally made it! After almost two years of listening to the many requests and undertaking a lot of research, we are thrilled to introduce our MultiPoint feature. This means that you can link two HiddenRadio2’s to one phone and create a wireless audio set-up for your home, easier than ever before. Place the speakers in different areas for a seamless sound experience, or set up two speakers alongside your iPad or computer to create an incredible portable stereo.

Simply touch the cap or hit play on your phone, and the cap magically lifts, revealing the speaker hidden beneath, as your HiddenRadio2 begins to stream crystal clear music in 360-degree sound. Not only does the elevating cap provide protection from the elements, it also creates a larger bass chamber that delivers deeper bass than ever before. Using an intelligent capacitive touch sensor in the cap, you can operate your music directly from the HiddenRadio2. By simply tapping the cap, you can play, pause, adjust the volume, skip forward or back, fast forward or rewind, answer a phone call, or even activate Siri!

Receiving a phone call? Touch the cap and the HiddenRadio2 turns into an incredible speakerphone. We’ve added top-of-the-line noise cancelling microphones to make your call sound even better. The intelligent cap sensor also uses NFC, meaning you can instantly sync your HiddenRadio2 with an NFC-enabled phone. With more and more devices featuring NFC, you will be more future-proof than ever.

Most speaker companies use off-the-shelf speakers and repackage them in a different box. This type of cookie cutter design and functionality means that you will never have a speaker that is perfectly tuned or optimized for your needs. For this reason, we have redesigned the speaker itself. Using extensive research, we have built custom speaker drivers from the highest-quality materials, previously only used in large expensive sound systems. HiddenRadio2’s unique speaker drivers and cone design spread the sound evenly throughout the room for a full, 360-degree audio experience over 90dB.

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