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On the ground floor of the Mediolanum Forum of Assago, the Banca Mediolanum has commissioned to the studio Isacco Brioschi Architecture & Design the design of its first Flagship Store.
The innovative Concept creates a clear and definite visual identity, with essential outlines in order to make easily comprehensible the features of the proposed services from the outside.
All the architectural elements and furnishings have been specifically designed by the studio in order to give greater harmony to the concept itself. The studio also dealt with the detailed design and the construction management.

The idea on which is based the layout is the one to reconduct the concept of the spyral as perpetual becoming of the sensitive universe: the blue ribbon made of natural resin wants to emphasize this concept (designed from floor to ceiling), marking the area of greater contact with the viewer, as to wrap him.

Partitions and part of the furnishings were voluntarily enclosed between two gorges of light inspired by the principle of the parallax, one on the floor and one on the ceiling to form a scenic effect of greater lightness, giving birth to natural games of transparences, reflections but also natural and artificial light which characterizes the spaces.

The maximum use of light, deriving from the only side with windows is made possible thanks to the choice of glass partitions. The latter is also lit from the floor and ceiling by two gorges of light that seem to dematerialize it, becoming an essential element for the architect to represent the lightness and transparency of the Group. To emphasize the closeness of the studio to its ongoing research on sustainability, the materials used are treated with green paint, others also made of pearls, while the internal structures of the furniture from recycled materials.

The use of holographic films, LCDs, LEDs, and many other technologies have the special ability to give certain companies an extremely valuable tool in the relationship with its customers: by simply touching the surface of the display or monitor, for example, you can interact with multimedia applications which display information, products, offers and services.
Particular emphasis has been given to some pieces of furniture to connote innovation and ease of use.

The information display, developed by the studio on the inner side, offers a touchscreen interface for the customer, who may see information relating to its telematic bank account, for the bank in general or other financial exchanges; in the window-side is shown instead the promotional communication across the screen.

The totem for the lounge area incorporates an LCD tool with touch-screen technology and a vertical strip that rotates on itself, giving the possibility to use a whiteboard to write or alternatively apply a certain communication image. The distinctive blue element contains subsidiary technology.

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